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Life, Freedom and independence


Whether its just a trip to the shops, a ride in the woods or a beach holiday with the family, the Trike is so versatile and easy to manoeuvre it will enhance you and your family's life experience. Read More


Looking for adventure? If you want to go just that bit further Mountain Trike can take you there. Using proven Mountain Bike technology, the Trike can tackle any terrain from snow and ice to deep mud and sand- even Mount Snowdon and Ben Nevis! Read More


The British Army have been involved throughout the intensive development of Mountain Trike. It has been put through its paces at The Headley Court Centre where their new fleet of Trikes is used to encourage injured Soldiers to become active again. Read More

Health and Fitness

The Mountain Trike fits perfectly with an active, healthy lifestyle. The unique lever drive takes the strain off joints and provides a great upper body workout in comfort. Plus its so much fun to ride you’ll be clocking up the miles in no time! Read More

Mountain Trike All Terrain Wheelchair

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The Outdoor Wheelchair

The Mountain Trike is THE all terrain wheelchair which is now well proven as the leading product in this area. It’s versatility and off road performance is unrivalled, giving riders an amazing feeling of freedom and independence.

The two drive levers and hydraulic disc brakes give the rider excellent propulsion, control and braking, over difficult ground and up steep hills. Whilst the unique direct drive steering means the rider can steer and drive the chair with only one arm, leaving a spare hand for... holding hands with a loved one, using the phone, walking the dog, holding a glass of wine at a garden party, you name it.

Think All Terrain. Think Mountain Trike.

The Mountain Trike is designed for crossing ground that would be uncomfortable or even impossible in traditional wheelchairs:

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