Using your Trike

In All Weathers

All Weather

Come rain or shine, the Mountain Trike loves to be outdoors.  Heading to the park on a rainy day, or to the woods on a crisp Autumn morning, whizzing through the snow and even the beach on a lovely sunny day - Mountain Trike all terrain wheelchairs can handle it all.  Your perfect outdoor wheelchair and whatever the weather they’ll be no stopping you going out!

Case Study

Matthew King

The Mountain Trike has been life changing for my brother. It is an awesome piece of kit.  The Mountain Trike means he can now enjoy family time and having fun with them - whatever the weather.

Matthew King

As a family the MT Push is perfect for us, it means Heidi can enjoy all the things we do together as a family and the weather never holds us back - these amazing chairs were built for all terrains and all weathers!  

Katie Prescott, Mum to daughter Heidi.

You just need some skids on the front now. Awesome bit of kit!

Phil King, brother to Matthew

Matthew King Matthew King