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The MT Evo All Terrain Easy Handling Wheel Chair

The MT Evo is a Mountain Trike adapted for riders with limited hand function – inclusive, all-terrain, self-propelled, versatile and available in any colour and just as good looking as the Mountain Trike original

 The Evo has been developed working closely with our Tetraplegics, Quads, and other customers with limited hand function. It has the same excellent all terrain performance but with even simpler controls - ideal for your outdoor every day use, whether it be a muddy woodland trail, a trip to the shops or a walk in the park. The unique lever drive system allows the rider to have clean dry hands whatever the terrain.

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Brake Handle

A simple pivoting handle operates the disc brakes by moving your arm inwards. Recommended use with Active Hands gripping aids, the system requires no finger function to operate.

Direct Steering

The unique direct steering means that you can steer and drive the Trike with only one arm. Pivot left to go left, right to go right - simple! The steering gives excellent control for smooth turns and an easy ride across slopes.

Drive engagement

Ergonomic loops give a great easy to use method of drive engagement for a wide range of people with limited hand function.

Disc Brakes

Give you great control and braking in all weather, over difficult ground and steep hills. Adaptable and adjustable just for you!

Air Suspension

Gives you a smooth and comfortable ride when riding over rough terrain, rocks and tree roots or dropping off curbs, riding over cobbles with confidence knowing that the Trike is highly stable.

MT Evo Spec

  • SEAT WIDTH --- 17inches
  • SEAT ANGLE --- 20 degrees ‘bucket’ for comfort and safety
  • SEAT CUSHION--- Removable foam cushion (Size 40cm), wipe clean polyester fabric
  • SEAT LENGTH --- 44.7cm - 48.7cm
  • FOOTREST HEIGHT --- Max foot rest height - 41cm to 48cm
  • MOUNTAIN BIKE WHEEL SIZE --- 24 inches
  • OVERALL WIDTH --- 74cm
  • WEIGHT --- 20kg.
  • BACK HEIGHT 37cm (also adjustable forwards or backwards
  • FOR TRANSPORT The seat back folds flat and the rear wheel folds underneath
  • RIDER Maximum weight of rider is 100KG Maximum height of rider is 6’4

MT Evo Specsheet

Price: Price: UK £4,695 includes UK delivery and 3 Year Warranty

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Your Mountain Trike Preferences


Left or right hand steering (usually your hand with the best co-ordination).


Left or right hand braking (opposite to Steering)


For your choice of colour frame please see our  MT Standard Colours or to see some of the colours our customers have chosen here: MT New Colours (We have a huge range of colours included in the price, but any unusual colour requests might be a little bit extra)


We do also provide other special adaptations if required, e.g. higher seat backs for additional support or modified footplate adjustment.Contact us to discuss your needs.

Seat lap belt and foot straps can be added at no extra cost.

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