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Access to Work grant (UK) for wheelchairs and mobility equipment

15th December 2015

Grants and Funding

Access to Work grant (UK) for wheelchairs and mobility equipment

An Access to Work Grant can pay for practical support if you have a disability, health or mental health condition. The grant is not for business start-up costs and how much you get depends on your circumstances. The money doesn't have to be paid back and will not affect your other benefits.

You'll need to have a good reason for needing an off-road wheelchair for work purposes - field work, conservation, construction, and other outdoor work could be relevant. If you're already working, if possible talk to your HR department. Your employer, or you will need to contribute around 25% towards the chair.

For further information about the grant visit the website here: Gov/Access to Work

They have a national email address: atwosu.london@dwp.gsi.gov.uk for any further queries you might have.

Overview of the Process:

Previous customers who have applied for the grant have been told that the individual seeking the help from Access to Work needs to contact them directly by calling 0845 2688 489 or 0345 2688 489 to go through the application process which will last approximately 10 minutes. Once your details have been taken you will be passed on and allocated to an adviser, who will then contact you in due course to discuss your support and how Access to Work can help you.

You'll need 3 quotes for the wheelchair, obviously we sell direct to UK customers so it could be tricky getting other quotes and any quotes coming from a supplier is likely to be more expensive than direct from us.

Once your grant has been approved it is then a question of who buys the chair.

For further information on how to claim visit this section of the Access to Work website, here.

We have a number of customer who have successfully applied for the grant, so it is worth while finding out if you think you might be eligible.

For more information on our products please click to our Mountain Trike website.

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